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Writing Projects

While I continually have various ideas and snippets, and like to sidetrack by posting random thoughts that occur to me, I have a pair of major writing projects.
  • The Daughter of Three (tentative title) centers on the royal house of a fey kingdom. The fey have been in slow decline for centuries, and are awaiting a heroine of prophecy, the Daughter of Three, who will restore them to glory. A princess of the line is trying to negotiate peace with neighboring kingdoms, but someone has unleashed a sinister piece of the fey past that could destroy everything.
  • The other project is as-yet-untitled, and primarily exists as a few short scenes that I am posting on my blog as they occur to me. It centers on a city police detective who begins noticing strange things happening around him, and in himself.
Daughter is my primary focus for now. Once I've begun the editing and revision process for it, I will be better able to focus on Tom, and figure out what his story really is, and where it's going.

Click here for updates and maybe the occasional scene from Daughter.

Click here for updates and scenes from Tom.

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