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My 100th Post, and a little news

Hi all, I know I've been neglecting my bloggerly duties. Actually, I've been neglecting my writerly duties entirely over the last couple of weeks, which is odd since I just got back from attending the 2011 Writing on the Waves Conference, taught by the fabulous Lynn Flewelling. I don't intend this to be a long post, as I have a lot of work to do, but I wanted to drop a note and let you know about some recent developments.

To begin, I have come to the difficult decision to set The Daughter of Three aside as my primary writing project for now. For those who have known me long enough, you know I've been working on the book in various fits, starts, stages, revisions, rewrites, re-world-buildings, and the like for some sixteen years now. Put simply, I have revised, and re-revised, the story to death, and it's simply not coming out the way I want it to do. Rather than continue to beat my head against a project that isn't giving me any enjoyment, and therefore not giving me much room to be productive, I am taking a break from it.

In turn, my other major project, heretofore entitled simply Tom, has decided to spit out a working title of The Shattered Window. It also received some very positive feedback at Writing on the Waves, and thanks to that encouragement, I am moving forward with my primary focus being to complete it...sometime. Watch the status updates in the upper right-hand corner of my blog page, and now and then I may try to post a scene or two on here. As usual, the month of November has flown by, and I've not gotten much work done, but the lack of stress provided by my new day(night)-job is giving my brain a bit more creative room.

I also have three short stories in the works, two of them I'm planning for about 5,000 words, and the third for about 10,000. As I complete them and begin polishing them, I may even be looking for beta readers, so let me know if you have any interest.

Finally, I wanted to talk about the fact that this is my 100th post on this blog! As I look back through old posts, I realize that the focus of the page has changed a number of times, from my original plan of reviewing books, movies, and music I enjoy, to spending time talking about everything from my writing and the writing process, to talking in frank terms about my spirituality and my thoughts on gay rights. I'll admit that it's become far more of a mishmash than I ever planned it to be, but in reality, that's me. So to those who have been reading, both in the beginning, and those who have come more recently, thank you for reading, thank you for following, and thank you so very much for your patience, as I take nearly a month between posts of late.

So, in the months to come, I will once again try to get back on track with all those pieces and parts of my life that I've been letting slip by, including my writing, and this blog. I hope you'll continue to read and join the discussion, and as always, I'd love to receive comments.

Until next time, Bless├Ęd Be,

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