Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts on the UK, and Ten Things I Learned There

This is actually a guest post from my husband, who put this up on Facebook Thursday night when we got home. I felt it too cute not to share, so here he is...

At the Chalice Well in Glastonbury

1. EVERYTHING sounds better when said in a British accent.
2. All that stuff that everyone has told you about English food being rubbish, is lies. Vicious dirty lies. The food was fantastic. All of it. In a little cafe in Glastonbury I had the single best pancakes I have ever tasted (well, ravenously devoured.) Including the most spectacular butter that was probably made locally, from an all singing, all dancing, local cow who ate nothing but organic charming sauce, whilst nancing about a charming idyllic field with the brownies and cow sprites who milked it, and sang to it while feeding it said charming sauce every day of its life. Oh, and that cow also had a British accent.
3. Pubs are the shit. Why don't we have proper pubs?! 
4. Americans aren't really sure what Ice Cream is. We aren't. (Welsh Clotted Cream and black current ice cream... probably more of the above mentioned cows were involved.)
5. Even the weeds are charming in the UK. I have pictures to prove it.
6. Brits apparently simply excrete fantastic mind-blowingly perfect rose bushes from their bodies whenever they stop for more than five or ten seconds.... Either that or they are just a charming but tenacious and probably invasive local weed that can't be stopped. I'm not sure which.
7. Drinks can be made from Elder flowers. Yummy amazing drinks
8. Cider. Oh I love Cider. Tell me there is Cider here. (No, I mean good Cider, like they serve there! Next you are going to tell me that the butter here is just as good.)
9. Buildings and houses needn't look like fields of bland cardboard boxes. Apparently British architects and builders also get attention from the brownies and cow sprites.
10. Some of the more wild men's hairstyles I've seen in Second Life are indeed not someone's fanciful gravity defying creation. Men in BUSINESS SUITS wear that crap!! AND LOOK GOOD! 
Once I have weeded through the 7,298,529 pictures we took and remove all of the ones my eyes are closed in I should have 8 to 10 pictures to share. It was an amazing amazing time.

I'll have my own post, with pictures, very soon.