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The Gun

The following scene was inspired by a rather awful nightmare I had some time back. It's darker than my typical fare, and I'd like you to keep that in mind before reading on.


The corridor was silent as Viann passed. She often took these late night walks, particularly when Tonnan was ill. That was all too often, of late. She paused at one of the high windows and looked out over the city, a breeze drifting in off the plains. It was autumn, and cool for Thespand, though still far warmer here than back home.
Home. She missed Embréa, and all that went with it. She loved Tonnan, but marrying him meant giving up everything she ever knew. Eleven years, and she still felt like a stranger here. She touched the tiny mask she wore on a cord at her wrist and sighed a prayer to Baron. She gave up her home for love, and for love she remained here.
“Majesty?” She flinched at the title and turned to see a waiting servant. “I’m sorry to intrude, but King Tonnan is asking for you.” Viann nodded and began the long walk back the way she’d come. Tonnan rarely asked after her these days, often forgetting who she was.

Goals for 2011

All right, as promised, I am posting my goals for 2011, both to have a reference point for myself and in case anyone else wonders what I might be doing between blog posts. I will try to update on my progress as regularly as I can in each of these areas.

Oh, Hello There...

Wait, what frog did I forget about? I don't have a frog... Oh, blog! Right. It has been sort of sitting here doing nothing all by its lonesome, hasn't it? To the folks who follow me on Twitter or "like" me on Facebook, I'm sure you've noticed a distinct lack of presence there, as well. So the question becomes, what exactly have I been doing since mid-December?