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Week Ending 8/28 Writing Summary


0:30 on Chapter 17 of Daughter (414 Words)


1:05 Blog posts: "A Long Weekend" and "Weekly Summary" (1006 Words)
1:00 Chapter 18 (705 Words)


1:10 Chapter 18 (667 Words)

0:15 Chapter 19 (305 Words)
Weekly Total
1:05 Blogging (1006 words)
2:55 Writing Daughter (2091 words)
4:00 total, 3097 words total

Last Week's Writing Summary

I meant to post this on Monday, but work took up a lot of time and energy, so here goes. Layla Messner, an author with whom I've connected via Twitter, posts up a summary of the time she spent working on "Writerly" matters each day, and at the end of the week posts up a summary of the time she spent.

Because this seems like a good idea to me, I've started keeping track of my own time spent working on writing, or things that, for me, will support my writing habits, which includes blogging. I'm keeping track of time, number of words written, and by extension, the average number of words per hour that I write. I figure at least once a week, I'll post a summary of the previous week's writer time, which will help keep me on track as I review my progress over time.

A long weekend

The husband and I got to take a long weekend, and it was a blast.

Friday night, we went to the first annual Champaign-Urbana Pride, which had a HUGE turnout. I'll admit I was surprised, if only because the GLBTQ community here has rarely been...communal. At rough estimate, there were upward of 1000 attendees. It was also fun for me to run into people I've been waiting on for years at one job or another, and always sort of wondered about but been too polite to ask. That, I think, is some of what the community needs here--to know who each other are. To know that we're out there, and that none of us are alone. I hope that the turnout was enough to convince the good folks running the show that this should happen again next year, and that when it does, we'll be able to attend for the full weekend.
Sadly, we had to leave early so that we could get to the next stage of our adventure, the WizardWorld Chicago Comic Convention! Hubby's aunt was meeting us here at 5:45, which m…

Daughter update

For anyone who's been reading up on my Facebook page or my Twitter feed, you may have noticed I stopped posting my word counts for a few days. This is because, sadly, I hit a major speed bump. In essence, I've known for a bit now that I was getting near the end of what could be called Part I, Act I, or what have you, of Daughter. This is the portion where the stage is set, you meet all of your important characters, learn a little about what they're doing, and meet your protagonist, and the problems that face them.

Why Marriage Equality is Important

My parents dated for about two years before they married in March of 1980. Upon signing their marriage license, they were instantly granted certain benefits and safeties. In medical situations, they are able to make decisions for one another. Should anything happen to either one of them, the possessions of the couple are automatically assumed to be the property of the surviving spouse. If my mom died tomorrow, my dad would still have the house, their vehicles, their bank accounts, etc., no questions asked, and vice versa.

In October of 2008, I stood on a beach in Massachusetts with my partner of then-five years, and made vows not altogether unlike those my parents took in a church in Illinois. Under the laws of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, the District of Columbia, and now most recently, California, I have a husband. Under Federal law, and in the other states of the Union, I do not. What does that mean, exactly?

Air Conditioning and Motivation

My husband and I have a wonderful little problem. Our central air conditioning unit works, but only until the outdoor temperature hits about 85 degrees. After that point, it is just too old to keep up.
Whether I'd like to admit it or not, this has taken a great deal out of my motivation. Not necessarily because I'm depressed about the air conditioner, though I certainly am, but because the house is so uncomfortably warm that it's hard to want to actually do anything. It seems like a flimsy excuse to write it out, but focusing on writing, or even meditation, becomes hard to do when you're considering peeling off your own skin to see if it could help you feel cooler.
I haven't gone to the gym, worked on my book, studied, meditated, or much of anything else, in many, many days now. This is the first blog post I've written in a few weeks, though I've started a few that are still sitting as unfinished drafts, one of which consists only of a title. Obviously, one m…