Thursday, September 23, 2010

Promises by Marie Sexton

I met Marie (and her husband and daughter) at Writing on the Waves, and hanging out was an absolute blast. When she confirmed that she had some titles published, I decided I'd check them out. As an amusing side-note, I think this is the first book I've read in a while that was both 1) set in the modern day and 2) did not involve even the slightest hint of the paranormal. Honestly, it was a nice change of pace. So, without further adieu (aside from clicking "read more"), my review of Promises.

Jared Thomas is an out gay man living in Coda, Colorado, working for a store that he owns with his brother, Brian, and runs with Brian's wife, Lizzy. He has a teaching degree but has always avoided trying to get a job at the school, afraid that parents will be a bit skittish about tiny Coda's known gay teaching their kids. And besides, what would Brian and Lizzy do with the store? Matt Richards is a police officer, a military brat, and the only new face in town.

Matt comes into the shop to inquire about the Jeep Lizzy has out front, and Jared takes him out for a test drive and a little tour of town. The two have a number of things in common, and quickly become friends, but Matt is straight, and starts having a little trouble with the other guys at the police station when the only person he hangs out with is Jared. For a while, he even starts seeing that waitress from the Mexican restaurant just to shut them up, but Jared suspects that there's a little more to the way Matt keeps looking at him.

I'll leave it there, but this was definitely an enjoyable read. Being the first gay erotic romance novel I've read, I wasn't entirely certain what to expect, but the story is very well-written, the characters believable and their emotions very heartfelt. I also couldn't put it down. Okay, technically I read it as an e-book on my computer, so I couldn't close it would be a more accurate wording, but suffice it to say, in about three hours I had devoured the book, and I'm ready to read the next one.

Check out Promises by Marie Sexton. E-book format available for $6.99 from Borders.