Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Last Week's Writing Summary

I meant to post this on Monday, but work took up a lot of time and energy, so here goes. Layla Messner, an author with whom I've connected via Twitter, posts up a summary of the time she spent working on "Writerly" matters each day, and at the end of the week posts up a summary of the time she spent.

Because this seems like a good idea to me, I've started keeping track of my own time spent working on writing, or things that, for me, will support my writing habits, which includes blogging. I'm keeping track of time, number of words written, and by extension, the average number of words per hour that I write. I figure at least once a week, I'll post a summary of the previous week's writer time, which will help keep me on track as I review my progress over time.

So for the week ending 8/21:
0:30 updating/correcting blog post "Why Marriage Equality is Important"

1:00 editing/finishing "Dreams" scene in Daughter (111 words)

1:30 Worked on Chapter 14, mentally started outlining scene happening in Chapter 15 (805 words)

3:35 Chapters 14, 15, 16 (1693 words)

0:45 Blog post: "Daughter Update" (561 words)
0:35 Chapters 16-17 (423 words)

2:05 Chapter 17 (1759 words)

Accidental "day off"

So for the week, that brings us to:
1:15 Blogging (561 words)
8:45 Writing Daughter (4791 words)
10:00 total, 5352 words total