Monday, July 19, 2010

Writing in Earnest now...

I've been kicking ideas around on this project for a long time, and have finally begun to feel like I'm getting something useful out of it.  I was skimming through my last draft of Daughter, and did a word count check, only to discover that this horrid piece of tripe was a total of 51,800 words, give or take.  You may think I'm just being hard on it for no reason.  Trust me, I'm not.


There are several scenes from that draft that have actually become potentially useful pieces.  In the case of at least one scene, I've already rewritten it in the newer version, tightening the prose and giving it better flow.  So I gave in tonight, after writing about 2600 words today, and looked at the scenes that I really want to use from my previous draft, along with one scene I started writing for a prompt during Writing on the Waves.  The result?  I have added 6300 words which will, at some point, need to be edited and adjusted because of character name changes, detail changes, and a general need to make the writing not suck.

However, with the inclusion of this extra 6300 words, I am now at a total of 15,148 words, or 11.65% of my 130k goal.  In the long term, this means I still have a lot of writing to do, but I find this less stressful now that I know the direction my plot is headed.

And, of course, the less stressed I am, the more progress I can make in one sitting.  I could get used to this feeling.