Monday, July 12, 2010

Seven Years!

Just a short note to mention that seven years ago today, I went out for coffee with this really cute guy I met through mutual friends.

See how cute?

Who knew that coffee date, spawned by the most nervous, tragically-worded voice mail I've ever left anyone in my life, could have been the start of such an important part of my life.  There is so much that we've done together.  On my first-ever trip to New York City, we saw Wicked with the original cast and met Idina Menzel at the stage door afterward.  We took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico the following year.  We bought a house together in 2006, where we currently live.

Our lovely living room

We've been to San Diego and Salem and the Caribbean.  We've also been to work, and the gym, and the grocery store.  Whether it's day-to-day life or a fabulous vacation, we are together, for good or bad.

At the old lighthouse on Cabrillo Point in San Diego; June 2006

Meeting Laurie Cabot at her store in Salem, Massachussetts; September 2007

Two days after our wedding, Pickering Wharf, Salem, Massachussetts; October 2008

On The Cat, the catamaran that took us to Turtle Cove off St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands; May 2010

Thanks for seven great years, and here's to many more.  I love you!