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Writing in Earnest now...

I've been kicking ideas around on this project for a long time, and have finally begun to feel like I'm getting something useful out of it.  I was skimming through my last draft of Daughter, and did a word count check, only to discover that this horrid piece of tripe was a total of 51,800 words, give or take.  You may think I'm just being hard on it for no reason.  Trust me, I'm not.

a scene from "Daughter"

"His pulse is slowing. Damn it!" She turned her face skyward and shrieked her frustrations at the clouds, but they did not answer. She grabbed both sides of Sorônt's face and used her thumbs to force his eyelids open. The Thissir's eyes were glazed over, and if he was aware of her presence, he did not show it. "If he dies in our care, Thônt-ilôzu will never believe it was not treachery. It's war for certain." Ileno and Athelo both stared at her blankly. They knew as well as she did, but what could they do? None of them were skilled healers.

Tom and the Waiter

I'm sitting at my desk, making notes from the recording of Carol's interview.  It's unusual that I didn't get more information out of her, and that's gnawing at me a little.  It's not that she's really anything special herself, more that she has friends in the right places, hears all the gossip.  It's also usually not that she doesn't want to tell me, but it's a game for us.  We love to hate each other, and that's the game we've played for fifteen years.

My desk phone rings, and I put it on speaker so I can keep writing.

Seven Years!

Just a short note to mention that seven years ago today, I went out for coffee with this really cute guy I met through mutual friends.

See how cute?

Languages: a pastime

Yes, I am serious. I am fascinated by languages, in all their variations, and really always have been. The variations even between English as it is spoken in the United States versus in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, and New Zealand (to name countries where I know English is spoken and has significant variation, with no disrespect to anywhere I've missed) are endlessly entertaining. A guy who's gone by "Randy" in Chicago had best be prepared to call himself "Randall" when he goes to London, or be ready for a great deal of tittering every time he introduces himself.

While a friend of mine continually asserts that we don't speak English, we speak American, I point out that British English and American English are still mutually intelligible. English and French, for example, are not. But, interestingly, English, while being a Germanic language, is also descended from French (and through French, from Latin), thank you William the Conquer…

Remodeling Redux

I haven't been making nearly as much progress as I wanted on the things I'd planned to study over the course of this year, and it's occurred to me that this is, at least in part, because I'd been very vague about how I was going to accomplish all the work I intended.  I have a few topics that I was specifically interested in studying, and I told myself, "Work on them for at least an hour every day."  Well all right, then...  That was in the beginning of March, and I've not made much progress in four months.  Perhaps, it's time for a new approach?

I always function best in a situation where I have very specific expectations for what needs to be done.  So, I bit the bullet, and came up with a schedule for what things I'm going to do on what days.  (On this day, read this, take notes on it, following day, review notes, do meditation; On this day, read through this lesson and listen to cd, following day, do exercises, etc.)  I'm giving myself unti…

A Snippet

"And what's your name, boy?"  The woman's eyes were sharp in their review of the young man before her.  He gulped.

"Leiroen Lelo, mistress."  Despite his best efforts, his voice quavered.  Her expression shifted to a wide grin and she laughed delightedly.

"It's been so long since I've had a student with any real talent!"  Leiroen was confused, then started to let the corners of his mouth pull back.  Perhaps this would be a good day, after all.

"Wipe the smile off your face, Leiroen Lelo.  I said it's been a long time.  I didn't say that particular dry spell had ended.  You're bright, no denying it, but brains do not equal talent."  She shook her head, apparently exasperated, and Leiroen sighed.

Perhaps not.


I'm having a very odd, introspective sort of day. It's my first non-vacation Saturday off in roughly five or six years, and I sat around for most of the morning doing absolutely nothing out of what I planned to accomplish today. The introspection has been largely focused around my school years, and apparently I still have some things about them that bother me.