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Tom and Carol

Yes, this is the same Tom from the scene at the restaurant. So far I'm just getting little snippets.

This morning

I didn't get out of bed as early as I'd planned today, but I still got the trash cans to the curb before the garbage truck got here, so I consider that a win. I've been doing laundry, catching up on cleaning up the kitchen, made breakfast, and played around on Facebook a bit. Once the laundry has produced a clean set of work clothes, I need to run to the salon and do payroll, and get started on the paperwork for the end of the quarter. This afternoon, I go in to the store and work until close, and I do have paperwork to catch up on there, as well, in addition to needing to do a little re-write on the schedule that's coming up in a couple of weeks, as I forgot about our promotion changing over.
And after my long, ranty post yesterday, life goes on. I've been letting speed bumps slow me down too much lately, and it's time to pick up the pace again, because we all know that the world waits for no one. The more time we spend standing around worrying about every…

A rough few days

This last week has been exceedingly frustrating. While I have still striven to stick to a philosophy of speed bumps and not roadblocks, occasionally, when you hit enough speed bumps, followed by a big nasty pothole, it's hard not to want to throw your hands in the air and run off as fast as your feet can carry you.

"Laws of Illusion" by Sarah McLachlan

Being a complete Sarah fanatic for a number of years, I was highly disappointed in myself when I logged into my MySpace page at the end of May and realized:Sarah McLachlan was releasing a new album and I was completely unaware.I had failed to "Like" her on Facebook, in which case #1 would never have happened.I still hate MySpace. Why do I still even have a MySpace profile??In any event, once I got my hands on the album, I had to (as usual) trap hubby in the car with me to enforce listening. For the first time in our almost-seven-years together, however, the most shocking thing occurred. My husband, while listening to a Sarah McLachlan album for the first time, actually uttered the words, "this is really good." Typically, I play something ad nauseum, and he finally begins to like it, because it's that or complete insanity. Don't worry, he has to do the same with me on a fair amount of his music, too. (It took a week before I could actually handle The A…

An amusing short

In one of the workshops, Lynn asked us to write the introduction to two stories. One had to be a modern/real-world story, the other a fantasy. My gorgeous and hilarious husband had reached his writing saturation point. The words would no longer come, so instead he drew these:
What the?!? A real-world kitten and a fantasy kitten, of course...
I got stuck on the fantasy prompt, which I never expected would happen in a million years, but for once, I didn't have any scenes jumping to mind. The modern prompt, however, presented itself to me at once, and the result is here:

I am bored, in the worst way. “And what,” you may ask, “is the worst way, Tom?” My answer would be first date gone horribly wrong bored. Don’t get me wrong, Dustin brought me to the nicest restaurant in town, and drove over an hour to get here, but that’s where the high point ends.
It’s one of those places where the tablecloths are white and they have actual candles in the centerpiece. The furniture all looks…

Writing on the Waves - 2010 Edition

I'd like you to imagine that you've been given the opportunity to leave the country for a week and stay at a fabulous resort. For a flat fee, you'll stay in a nice (if a little small) hotel room, have food available around-the-clock, dinner at a five-star restaurant every night, see stage shows at a theatre, dance at a nightclub, skate at the ice rink, swim in the pool, or even sit in the library for some quiet time. Now, while you're singing at karaoke, this entire resort is on the move, taking you to places where you can swim in the ocean, snorkel with sea turtles and tropical fish, and wander around the remains of an old French fort.
Oh, I forgot to mention, your resort looks like this: That, ladies and gentlemen, is the Freedom of the Seas. It, along with its sister ships the Independence of the Seas and the Liberty of the Seas, forms the second-largest class of cruise ship in the world. Did you catch the part where I said there's an ice rink?
So, this pretty …