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Paranormal Activity

Another film in the now-extremely-popular style of home-cam recording, Paranormal Activity is an interesting take on a haunting film. Unlike many of the common favorites, the film was extremely low-budget, and shot over the course of six days. There were very few special effects, which made those few that were put to use highly effective.In the film, Katie and her boyfriend Micah (pronounced MEE-kah, not MY-kah) have moved into a house in San Diego, and have apparently been followed by something from Katie's past. Katie always saw it as a shadow at the edge of her bed, saying her name, but now it's begun to take a more direct approach to gain their attention. To aid in identifying whether or not it's really there, Micah sets up a video camera to record the house while the couple is awake, asleep, and even not home. In the beginning, the things that happen are fairly standard for a haunting; a door moves, a light kicks on while footsteps come up the stairs, then off ag…